1st Step to OpenFOAM

Documenting my learnings from the course OpenFOAM Programming Course by Flowthermolab.

 Sometimes you want to follow some tutorials online. They use various versions of OpenFOAM, some can even be outdated. And the underlying code is different, I find it tricky to adapt a different version to the one used in the tutorials/courses. 

  1. If a few versions exist, need to source from $HOME/.bashrc.
  2. Open terminal Ctrl + Alt + T
  3. gedit $HOME/.bashrc
  4. Add in the required aliases.
  5. In my case:
  6. Save and close the file.
  7. Open a new terminal.
  8. Check if alias works.
  10. Also create user application and library folders to ensure user defined/modified solvers, libraries etc are separate from source code.
  11. Output from terminal showing if we don't have user defined folder run made beforehand, then using mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN, there now exists an empty run folder