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Thoughts on open sourcing education

Over the past few months, with sufficient professional and personal motivation, I have learnt much and continue to learn more in the following areas, through the magic of Youtube: Microfluidics from Prof. Suman , courtesy of the NPTEL. I am grateful that such a detailed and fundamental treatment of an area of ongoing development has been shared with the public for free. The course starts off with the motivation behind microfluidics and how it is being applied in nature, and how it benefits us to apply it in engineering. I skipped to the videos on pressure- and surface tension-driven flows which cover extensive derivations on parallel plate flows, infinite and finite width channel flow to the dynamics of contact line influencing surface tension-driven flow profile near channel walls. I admit I do not understand everything and, as an engineer, I am mostly interested in applying the final set of analytical equations. However, the fundamental treatment from first principles definitely prov